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December 31, 2013

Spring 1964: There was a rally at the college I was attending to cheer on and support a group of kids who were leaving for Vietnam. People, most in uniform, were talking about stopping the evil spread of communism and saving the people of Southeast Asia. Listening, all I thought was we were sending these young boys off to kill and be killed. Somehow I got to the stage and began speaking. My mind went blank and for about five minutes I pleaded with the gathering saying the only way to support our troops was to keep them home and stop all war. Then came the anger from the audience and recruiters on the stage. Many were yelling, red-faced at me calling me un-American, a Commie, a traitor. I was stunned — I felt like the only sane person there. No one in this small town, thirty miles from Berkeley, stood with me for peace.

Fifty years later in the small town where I live I see bumper stickers saying “Support Our Troops” and they are not asking to bring them home.


New Moon and New Year's Day, a time to set our intentions for the next cycle: love each member of our global family and be kind.